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Everything a little differently –this motto applies to our enterprise fully and completely.

In our shop everything concerns corsets and Venetian masks –laced up and not only restricted this to a certain use but about the whole frequency range of ball dress about Casual Wear, business outfit and this „little black“up to undergarment and fetish –everything from a hand.

What else is different?

The service –we take our time for the advice. The purchase of a corset isn't comparable with the purchase of a T-shirt.  One should therefore certainly know, which cut suits one, which material or which material combinations make sense.

All customers surely don't have the possibility of dropping in here –but also we have a solution for it: A competent online and phone in advice. Using measure tables and pictures as well as your personal ideas we can for you do this right determine model.

Für Geschäftskunden reicht unser Service weit über das Outfit hinaus – wir können auch große Aufträge problemlos und termingerecht umsetzen, sei es bzgl. Outfits zum Beispiel für Messehostessen oder Masken für eine Party oder einen Ball – dank jahrelanger Erfahrung können wir Ihnen auch hier bei der Wahl der richtigen Modelle, abgestimmt auf Eventthemen und kulturelle Besonderheiten, helfen.

For business customers our service reaches far beyond the outfit –we can realize also large orders without problems and on schedule, it is for example concerning outfits for Messehostessen or masks for a party or a ball –thanks to years of experience we can help you in the choice of the right models coordinated with event topics and cultural unusual features also here.

We can offer much experience also here –from the jet-set party up to the fair staff we already have equipped everything here - you find numerous references in the corresponding category on our home page.

Not every corset is a real corset

There are many points of view these agree on a good corset. Is for many products also at corsets as in the case of so: Good quality has her price.
Please hold yourself the following in front of eyes: A good corset needs good insides. –Byou hold himself the following itte in front of eyes: A good corset needs good insides. What one, however, doesn't recognize at first sight is surely the quality of the material hectare. –Byou hold himself itte the following with anti allergic and stainlessly, ideally at all edges roundedly and with one soft plastic layer covered. The sticks must tightly be stitched up in the substance so that they cannot get out at stronger activities either. –Byou hold himself itte following the corset not only the sticks shall form the corset in front of anti allergic and stainless, ideally as but up to a certain degree of also the bodies.

Up to the clean processing under humane quality work of the conception of the cut about the material composition causes the attention of anatomical principles –these everything are cost questions. One can see together rakes easily if this, that a corset which takes into account all these points for less than 100 euros selling price (therefore incl. ) steering wheels profit, material deployment, wage, outline costs you cannot be had simply and simply.

The corsets of the manufacturers offered with us are designed correctly thought-outly, anatomically and adapt to the natural body form perfectly.

Every corset cut suits not every woman. There is to take many points of view into account concerning the stature, the length, the seat of the waist and also physical/medical restrictions.

We help you willingly the one for the suitable one/to find n cut/e –you finally shall in your corset wohlfühlen and also at longer gestation period no problems with the corset get himself.